Little Dudes and Dudettes
Up to 12 Years

Brunch 10:30-17:00

French toast kebabs with seasonal fresh fruit. *Gf 11

Two beef kebabs & chunky chips. *Gf 14

Gluten free organic french toast *Gf 11

Bee’s Knee’s bacon, free-range eggs on toasted ciabatta & one hash brown served with Watties tomato sauce. 12

Amigos nachos with free-range chicken, black beans, corn tortillas, cheese & sour cream. Gf 13

Two free-range chicken kebabs & chunky chips. Gf 12

Crispy falafels & chunky chips. Gf 10

Fresh pan-fried fish & chunky chips.Gf 11

Chermoula calamari & chunky chips.Gf 10

Two mini free-range chicken sliders & chunky chips. 14

Two mini lamb sliders & chunky chips. 14

Free range chicken strips & chunky chips. 11

Replace and chunky chips with fresh seasonal vegetables

Banana boat served with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce. 8

Kids chocolate brownie & vanilla ice cream. Gf 8

Soul Organics, cold pressed juice. 5
Milk. 4
Chocolate milk. 4
Kids rad smoothies. 4.5
Bottle juice. 3.5
Kids spider soda 5 – choice of raspberry, lemonade, coke or raspberry coke with ice cream.
Kids soda $3

For the Littlest Dudes and Dudettes
Up to 4 Years

Toddler's Tray. 6

*Gluten free bread is available at an additional cost of $2

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