abracadabra Sharing Platters

Bar platter 42
Four chermoula seasoned calamari, four prawns, two garlic, cumin & coriander falafels, two marinated sirloin beef kebabs, two gourmet lamb sausages, three moroccan free range chicken strips& cumin spiced chips.
Served with homemade tomato jam & garlic aioli.

Bread & dips 30
Toasted ciabatta, crispy garlic tortilla bread, warmed pita & garlic bread, served with spicy dukkah, balsamic vinegar, olive oil & a homemade dip.
*Gluten free bread available at an additional cost.

Mexican platter 40
Three jalapeƱo cheese bites, three free range Mexican chicken & chipotle bites, two prawns, two marinated sirloin beef kebabs, one cheese & mexican black bean melt, one cheese quesadilla with chipotle cream.
Served with homemade corn chips, rattlesnake salsa & guacamole.

Dessert platter 46
This platter varies daily & includes desserts such as dark chocolate brownie, sticky date & walnut pudding, spanish churros, cheesecake & coconut citrus cake. Served with yoghurt, seasonal
berries & dark chocolate dipping sauce.

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